AWANA Council Time Lessons

Here are links to PDF files of the AWANA Council Time curriculum I used for several years. It’s based off of the idea of a catechism, where each week the children are asked a question about God and learn the answer.

Each lesson is free for you to use and distribute.

Note: I’m still in the process of proof-reading, formatting and upload these lessons. More will appear each week as I finish them.

  1. What does AWANA stand for?
  2. Who or what is God?
  3. What is sin?
  4. Who has sinned?
  5. Who is Jesus?
  6. How can I have a relationship with God?
  7. What is prayer?
  8. What is the Bible?
  9. How can a Christian grow?
  10. Should I Tell Others About Jesus?
  11. How Should I Deal With Mean People?
  12. Should I talk about my friends behind their backs?
  13. Can my words hurt others?
  14. What is the golden rule?
  15. Does God care what I watch or listen to?
  16. Should I listen to my parents?
  17. Does God care how I do in school?
  18. Does God care about the stuff I have?
  19. Does God care if I’m popular?
  20. What is a church’s job?
  21. Does God care who my friends are?
  22. Year in Review

14 Responses to AWANA Council Time Lessons

  1. Belva Ogletree (Sparks Leader) says:

    Your site is great and very helpful although I was not able to download 7 & 8.

    • andydoane says:

      Thanks for the head’s up. I’ve actually set up a different site where I’ve posted these lessons, along with the lessons I’m writing for our Sunday morning curriculum. I update that site regularly, and am in the process of moving things over from this one. You can find it at .

  2. Norma says:

    I am so blessed to have found you!!!! I need help with counsel times for 3, 4, 5 grade girls and I’m just reeling. I can’t seem to find anything. When I found this website I was elated. I’m pretty desperate. I was able to take the STARFISH story using Jude 1:22 and the girls seemed to like the story and understand how it applied to our daily walk, but I’m out of ideas. So, I love you and I thank you. Do you think these can be used for that age group of girls?

    • andydoane says:

      I’ve actually moved to a new site: . I don’t use these lessons anymore, but when I did, we did them together as a K-5th Grade group. We’re a small church, so we had everyone together. So, they probably could be made to work with 3-4-5 girls.

  3. Norma says:

    Thank you so much for answering me. I really appreciate it. I’ve added your new website to my favorites. Thanks again.

  4. Barbie Lewis says:

    Thank You!
    This is a wonderful resource for the rare occasions when I might get called on to teach council time with little time to prepare.
    I have shared with the AWANA director at my church, and also pinned your site on pinterest.

  5. Audrey Hodges says:

    Thank you for offering these resources! I used your What is Awana lesson for a group of 50 Sparks. I used powerpoint for a couple of the images (awana cheeseburger…). They loved it and I was excited to present it. I plan on using more. Again thanks a bunch for selflessly sharing for the sake of the Kingdom.

  6. Bill Moore says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I did lesson 2. I had my classes attention the entire time. Will continue with the lessons. Thanks by

  7. Bob says:

    Your material has been extremely helpful. Have you completed any beyond #10?

    • andydoane says:

      Our church hasn’t done AWANA in a few years, so I haven’t written anything for it recently. However, I think there are more than 10 lessons. I’ve stopped updating this site and have moved everything over to You might be able to find more there. God bless!

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